Meet the Technologist Guiding Businesses on their Healthtech and Blockchain Journeys

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team July 22, 2021

In light of healthtech companies and blockchain startups raising record funding in the second quarter of the fiscal year, StartupBeat is taking a look at one expert and technologist who is helping companies with their healthtech. and blockchain development and strategies. 

Technologist, inventor and entrepreneur Michael Luna has decades of experience in the computer software industry and a demonstrated history of entrepreneurship and innovation. His expertise has led him to create, found, and lead in technology and software and he continues to act as a decisive authority in the emerging fields of healthtech and fintech.

Michael Luna’s knowledge and talent speak for themselves. When it comes to computer software technology, he is a veteran. He’s been involved with computer science since the 1980s, and as technology has evolved, so has his expertise. 

He’s been active in product lifecycle management, mobile applications, and embedded software. His portfolio includes roles such as engineer at Open Wave Systems, a global software innovator, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and cofounder of EQITII, an open source platform and distributed application for a marketplace with a secure exchange of data. 

Luna has also served as the CTO at Jawbone, where he led an international team to provide consumer technology solutions like sensors and systems for home and fitness, and built an intellectual property portfolio independently worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In 2018, Luna’s passion for innovation and small business led him to found Michael Luna Technologies, his personal consulting firm dedicated to assisting small businesses and startups with things like software, firmware, and engineering as well as strategies for and management of intellectual property. One testimonial describes Luna in glowing terms: “Michael is a jack-of-all-trades in addition to being a great manager and leader. You would be lucky to have his hands and mind in translating your vision into a tangible device or solution.”

His colleagues say he is “knowledgeable,” “hard working,” and someone who “bridges the business/technology gap with ease.” Michael Luna is also a problem solver. His innovation has resulted in his being named on 115 issued US patents such as a patent for aligning data transfer to optimize connections established for transmission over a wireless network system and another for a method for a mobile device to use physical storage of another device for caching. 

NASDAQ Chief Executive, Bob Greifeld predicted that Blockchain will be “the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.” Expected to grow to exceed $12 trillion by 2030, the global blockchain industry is the future of logistics, identity management, and healthcare. Since 2019, Michael Luna has been applying his skills at Talos, where he, along with a management team of other talented tech consultants, offer solutions for clients at every stage of development.

Luna’s colleagues include Shahid Ahmed, founder of blockchain non-profit EQITII Foundation, and Amyn Gillani, CEO of Talos Digital, a multinational software development firm.

As blockchain becomes increasingly adopted by industry, the business world will more and more look for subject matter experts to help guide them on their path to the future of finance. 

Healthtech and fintech leaders like Luna will undoubtedly be integral players in forming the blockchain strategies of tomorrow for today’s leading companies.