‘Experience’ startup launches new bucket list of things to do before you die

By Tim Hinchliffe August 18, 2016

In terms of experiences, death isn’t something we look forward to (or, technically, experience). However that doesn’t stop us thinking about those experiences we need to do before meeting our end.

Tinggly, a startup platform peddling ‘experiences’ (not death), has announced the launch of a bucket list selection of once in a lifetime activities that people can now buy for their nearest and dearest.

The new range of 17 activities includes High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) jumping, zero gravity experiences, or – for the more tranquil – breakfast with giraffes. Don’t expect these to be cheap, though. Bucket list experiences start at $500, but can cost up to $20,000 as well.

Linas Ceikus, Tinggly’s chief experience officer (sigh) said,“At Tinggly, we love helping and encouraging people to move away from their possessions and instead experience the world around them.

“Tinggly is the place where you can actually buy everything from Red-Bull type extreme activities, to super exclusive, fancy experiences as well. People too often think these opportunities are only for a chosen few but [now] they can find those once in a lifetime opportunities, leaving us to take care of everything else.”

Building the experience

Tinggly is based in the UK but pioneers a global offering of first class experiences. With world tourism rising 4% to more than $1trn in 2015 – growing faster than world trade, which grew 2.8% – Tinggly is well positioned to serve our insatiable appetite for travel and global experience chasing.

Millennials in particular – a generation famed for drinking less, having less sex and experiencing ‘more’ – are particularly keen on immersive travel, rather than just pre-packaged offerings.

Tingly hopes to provides access to high quality and memorable experiences in an easy to purchase way. With many dreaming of must-do activities before they ‘kick the bucket’, Tinggly has now curated a generous list of things to do, see and enjoy.

Let’s just hope they don’t kill anyone in the process.


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