Progressly secures $6m in Series A Funding and lands Silicon Veteran Ruslan Belkin as executive

By Oliver Griffin September 26, 2016

Progressly secured $6m in Series A funding. The startup hopes to redefine the way companies execute their processes, offering a single platform that increases efficiencies and productivity. 

Progressly is also joined by Silicon Valley veteran and former Salesforce, Twitter and LinkedIn executive Ruslan Belkin as its vice president of product development.

The funding round was led by 8VC’s Joe Lonsdale and Drew Oetting, with participation from Bill Malloy and Brian Nugent, General Partners of Accelerate-IT Ventures (AITV) and David Beirne.

Progressly is an SaaS platform that enables companies to standardize and centralize processes. The platform provides powerful data-driven insights so teams can benchmark progress, improve the speed of collaboration, remove human error and manual activity and ultimately make better decisions about driving effective business change.

Progressly currently integrates with existing productivity and collaboration tools including Outlook, SharePoint, Slack, Google Chrome, Confluence and Jive.

Oetting, a partner at 8VC, said, “Rather than antiquated systems that center around document management solutions, companies need a solution that centralizes their own mission-critical information, delivers real-time operational insights and increases efficiency.

“Progressly is at an inflection point, with a solid path to scale and strong product market fit.  They have a steadfast commitment and the best minds in the business to change the way enterprises think about executing their key business processes.”

Getting was joined by Belkin, who said he was “excited to join this incredible team” and praised Progressly’s culture of “transparency, execution, and teamwork”.

Belkin said, “Progressly is poised to completely transform the way enterprises organize and execute their business processes and gain insights to improve business outcomes.” said Ruslan Belkin, vice president of product development at Progressly.


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