Smart Moderation launches world’s first AI solution to monitor inappropriate content

By Oliver Griffin December 5, 2016

Internet aid startup Smart Moderation has launched its online reputation protection platform. It is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for monitoring and automatically removing inappropriate content, helping to shield users from harassment online. 

Smart Moderation monitors and automatically moderates Instagram, Facebook  and any digital platform with API integration in real-time, in order to keep them free of ads, spam, bullying  and nasty trolls. The software gets rid of unwanted user generated comments in one minute, guaranteed.

“When you’ve worked hard to develop relevant online content, it’s incredibly insulting to read abusive comments plastered below,” said Çiler Ay Tek, the business’ co-founder.

“The Smart Moderation AI software was made to combat and silence internet harassment for good, so your brand can get on with its true mission: building a positive reputation online.”

While other social platforms use programmed keywords, this new launch uses algorithms to understand social media risks automatically. Smart Moderation works just like a human assistant – it’s a self learning tool that evolves to adeptly protect a specific user’s online image.

The platform means there is no need for complex integrations and configurations. Users simply sign up for the platform, connect with social networks, and upload their social media profiles to the platform. They then manage the accounts through the Smart Moderation application.

By 2019, the global content marketing industry is expected to be worth $300bn. Smart moderation – competing against industry rivals such as Brand Bastion – aims to be the leader of AI content moderation in order to protect brand reputations, all over the world. Currently, the platform monitors 1.5 million comments a day.


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