Startup Spotlight: Philip Schweizer of SalesWings

By Tim Hinchliffe May 8, 2017


Welcome to the easy solution of following leads and winning sales. Here, we introduce Philip Schweizer, CEO and CoFounder of SalesWings. His Swiss plugin works as an add-on to emails and websites, identifying when leads are visiting a website and notifying the sales team about hot sales opportunities.

Meet the Founder

Philip Schweizer, a key player in the high-tech venture scene has been involved in operating small, agile sales and marketing teams in growing companies for eight years. In 2014 he CoFounded SalesWings to “change the lives of all brave sales people”. Apart from managing this successful startup, he also designs efficient sales and marketing processes for other startups, offering services in business strategies, communications, processes, sales, SAAS and software choices.  

What’s So Special About the Service?

SalesWings has been designed with automation in mind. Successful sales come from following up on the right leads, and following them up quickly. SalesWings helps the sales team jump on hot leads quickly by offering email marketing platforms and web forms to track quality leads accurately. A high number of leads does not equal good equality. At SalesWings, their intelligent algorithm analyzes the lead’s website activity 24/7 and categorizes all marketing leads into hot, warm and cold, prioritising the most favourable and urgent lead to benefit your business.

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Product Spotlight

This add-on available to websites and emails, identifies visitors and customers to the business website who are ready to purchase or contribute to the company. Through an intelligent behavioural algorithm, SalesWings analyzes data such as the lead’s website activity, their frequency of visits, time they spend on the site and their behaviour to clearly identify most interested customers. The most interested and engaged lead is placed on the top of the list so the sales team can promptly follow up on them. The plug-in will send notifications to the sales team about follow-up opportunities, so they don’t forget.





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