The listicle: Streamlining startup service to help get your business up to speed

By Tim Hinchliffe October 3, 2016

This one goes out to the unsung heroes that are Chief Operating Officers – the COOs. Make life a little easier and get your team one step ahead of the game with these streamlining startup services.

Streamlining is one surefire way to make your service quicker. Whether you’re an online ad agency or an e-commerce website, you’ll never know how you kept your customers happy without one of these fuss-free, time-saving tools.


What is it? In their own humble words, “Sempad is a brilliantly efficient PPC Ad Tool.”

Who is it designed for? Online Ad Agencies

Why is it a great optimization tool? Sempad’s free 14-day trial means businesses can start optimizing their ad management right away, saving time from the get-go. From a simple ad-der tool and adword suggestion wizard, to easy-to-use bidding algorithms and branded report options, their user-friendly dashboard means managing PPC Ad campaigns has never been so straightforward. Plus, when your free trial expands, the four affordable subscription levels make it money easy to account for.

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What is it? In a nutshell, “Media Planning, Campaign Calendar, and Collaboration in one easy to use tool.”

Who is it designed for? Marketing teams and agencies

Why is it a great optimization tool? If you’re still battling with spreadsheets, or making do with standard PM tools to coordinate the efforts of your marketing department, this centralized, chaos-ending hub is for you. Providing planning, alignment, and visibility across all channels, teams, and campaigns, in one simple-to-navigate interface, TidyMarketer’s range of tools make every aspect of marketing function better. Whether it’s using the Media Plan Builder to calculate accurate projections for your quarterly spend or the Task Manager to assign and track projects, your team will be tighter than ever. Plus, no need for update emails or lengthy progress meetings. Simply log-in and you’ll have full visibility of everything each team member is working on, and how it’s performing, every step of the way.



What is it? Simply put, “A simple payment solution for small websites”

Who is it designed for? Small-size e-commerce businesses

Why is it a great optimization tool? Want a fuss-free, time-saving way to start selling online? Payzard is an easy website add-on that transforms any website into a mobile-optimized e-commerce merchant. There’s no need to hire an expensive developer or waste time building your own bespoke tool – simply sign up, choose your payment provider, and then start making sales in seconds. Conversion charts and stats let you track and optimize your business performance and one-off and recurring payment options make managing everything from single purchases to customer subscriptions a breeze. Plus, a monthly price structure based on number of transactions means you can tailor the service to suit your specific needs, and you won’t go needlessly over budget in the process.



What is it? “Free, Award-Winning Cloud Based Software for Contact Centers”

Who is it designed for? Call centers and in-house customer service departments

Why is it a great optimization tool? Completely free to join and set-up, if you’ve even the slightest inkling that Fenero could improve the way your contact center runs things, there’s literally nothing to lose. Plus, the quick sign-up process gives you immediate access to the full range of Fenero’s award-winning software – no credit card or contract required, and no other strings attached. From creating campaigns and quality assurance procedures to integrating live chat and importing leads, your cloud-based contact center can be up and running in minutes. Its flexible infrastructure allows you to scale seamlessly from 50 to 200 agents – as your business or department grows – and its unique pay-as-you-go model makes it simple to stay within budget.