The Startup for Startup Pitches: The New Social Community Streamlining Entrepreneurial Funding

By Hannah Lindstadt July 12, 2017
waccal startup pitch

At the heart of startup culture is a deep love for solving problems and disrupting  inefficient processes with new innovations. Which is why, for many trying to scrap for funding, the repetitive and inefficient hoops one must jump through to get investment and get a startup off the ground often feel cruelly ironic.

The grueling popularity contest that is raising funding means months of groveling for meetings, hungrily chasing business cards, and repeatedly spitting out the same pitch, all while trying to be charming and memorable and ensure each investor feels the full extent of your passion and commitment.

Jason Lemkin, CEO at EchoSign, recently advised that founders need to pitch their ideas to around 10x as many investors as they actually need. A founder might have an incredible idea or product, but if they fail to make the right connections, to the right number of people, capital can become an insurmountable obstacle capable of clipping their startup’s wings before their chance to take flight.

There have been some patchwork attempts to make online networks of investor and startup profiles, support for entrepreneurs, and funding management, but existing platforms have always been lacking transparency or key functionality. And though investing shouldn’t feel like scrolling through Instagram, there really isn’t any reason the platforms have been so un-intuitive and sterile with the sex appeal of an excel spreadsheet.

This is where Waccal joins the story. It’s a new startup that offers an all-in-one investor and startup community platform that simplifies the entire process for investors and startups. The company was founded by brothers, Ash and Anil Mohammed, as their response to the funding problems facing Startups.

startup pitches

Waccal Co-Founders Ash and Anil Mohammed

The platform’s potential positive impact on the startup community is at the core of the company, and though only a few months in, Co-Founder Ash excitedly commented on the experience.

“It feels good waking up and knowing that Waccal will allow founders to focus on what they love to do, while the world benefits from all the new startups.” 

The platform allows startups to create a detailed pitch, guided by best practices and suggestions,  to ensure every startup is putting their best face forward. Users can ask for feedback from the community before sharing their pitch with networks of investors, with just a few clicks.

The transparent platform makes it easy for investors to do their due diligence and collaborate with other investors, and relieves founders from the most tedious tasks of pounding the streets, allowing them to focus more of their time on creating their startup and getting results.