Ubiquity University announces Global Creativity Prize, bringing VC support to students

By Tim Hinchliffe August 9, 2016

Global education and technology platform company Ubiquity University today announced that it will develop the Global Creativity Prize. 

Through the award, the company will provide entrepreneurial mentorship and financial support to students with impactful ideas.

According to The Bloomberg Job Skills Report, companies seek employees with communication, leadership, strategic-thinking, and creative problem solving skills. However, these skills aren’t commonly found in new recruits. Through partnering with other educational institutions, Ubiquity University specifically trains students in the skills employers desire in today’s job market with a learning design to foster social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ubiquity University offers innovative classes and distance learning to global students through strategic partnerships with educational networks. The company collaborates with vocational schools to offer students classes critical for employment, such as classes in entrepreneurship and creativity.

“It’s hard to secure a job with just a degree. We believe it’s the students who are social innovators and entrepreneurs who will most succeed” said Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University. “So through the new Global Creativity Prize, we intend to become a venture capital source for students on their entrepreneurial journeys.”

Each course is designed with an “Impact Project” component, for which students collaborate on business or socially-oriented projects. Students with promising projects will receive mentorship and cash support for further development. And annually, the Global Creativity Prize will be awarded to the best ideas. Along with the award, winners will receive $25,000 in cash and mentorship guidance.

Ubiquity University aims to break new ground for institutions of higher learning. While conventional universities charge high tuition that often leads to student debt, Ubiquity University offers globally affordable tuition rates, and now, venture capital and mentorship support.

Ubiquity University has designated Sri Lanka as the place to announce the Global Creativity Prize, as the company first partnered with the London Business School in Colombo. Nine months later, there are several dozen schools who want to partner with Ubiquity University, in order to provide their respective students with much needed mentorship support and venture capital funding.