Travel app MobyTrip launches to help users plan itineraries from start to finish

By Tim Hinchliffe August 11, 2016

Today MobyTrip announced the launch of a travel browser application that takes trip planning to a whole new level.

The service tackles the fragmented online travel industry by efficiently centralizing everything that an avid traveler needs to plan and book their next trip into one dynamic platform.

By leveraging its advanced algorithm, MobyTrip automatically helps the user organize their itinerary efficiently so they can spend less time getting from point A to B and more time enjoying their day. MobyTrip also features trip-specific hotel and flight search to highlight the most efficient choice, and sends notifications to help users snatch the best prices.

Travelers simply pick a destination city and choose from suggested activities, hotels, and restaurants via MobyTrip’s user-friendly map, or discover and adapt other users’ existing itineraries. Both options dramatically cut down the time it takes to research a destination and determine the details of your stay.

“Travel planning can be a painful experience—it’s easy to find a review or a flight, but to tie it all together travelers need to spend countless hours figuring out what to do and the logistics of each step,” says MobyTrip Co-Founder Misha Plotkine. “Many services push users to book right away, but they don’t help them create a memorable experience. Our application takes a completely different approach by helping users create their dream vacations and book activities through trusted market leaders, all in one spot.”

City attractions on MobyTrip are presented with complete Wikipedia descriptions, TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram photos, and more. The platform also seamlessly incorporates flight bookings, hotel price comparisons, and even collaborative travel planning. Much like a Google Doc, you can invite friends to edit an itinerary together in real time.