Why be ‘lean’ when you could run a ‘fat’ startup?

Sagi Bakshi, ironSource

By Sagi Bakshi, GM of installCore at ironSource From diets to startup advice, everyone is promoting the idea of ‘lean.’ But being told to create a lean startup was one of the first (of many) rules we ignored when we established ironSource. Instead of concentrating on one product for a sustained … [Read more...]

Moving from concept to business: The eight principles of Zero to One

Ross Beyeler, GrowthSpark

By Ross Beyeler, founder and CEO, Growth Spark I’ve met with hundreds of entrepreneurs all at varying stages in their ventures. The overwhelming percentage, however, seem to be stuck in ‘startup’ mode (and not the sexy startup your cousin John runs in San Francisco) where they really don’t have … [Read more...]

A dozen reasons why startups, and their investors, seek federal trademark registrations

Engling Timothy, Michael Best

By Timothy Engling, partner, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP StartUp Beat readers are visionaries who appreciate entrepreneurship and innovation, but maybe not yet trademark law. Technology startups are frequently built with people, patents and pride. Protecting that pride has a price, and … [Read more...]

How to know when it’s time to scale your startup

Scott Brandt, SurePayroll2

By Scott Brandt, vice president of marketing, SurePayroll The startups we hear about in the news make it look easy. But the men and women running startups know there’s a lot more blood, sweat, and tears than it looks like when we hear about the explosive growth of Spotify, or Snapchat, or … [Read more...]

The key to startup success sounds right, but it’s a hard choice

Kevin MacDonald, Kit Check

By Kevin MacDonald, Kit Check co-founder and CEO Focus is the key to getting something off the ground. When you first start a business, you want it to be as large and far-reaching as possible. However, new businesses are characterized by a scarcity of experience, features, and money. All three are … [Read more...]

Succeeding as a startup in enterprise SaaS

Eric Jackson, Caplinked

By Eric M. Jackson, CapLinked co-founder and CEO Building an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business bears little resemblance to launching a consumer web application. The product needs, economics, and distribution channels are unique, and can require a lot of trial-and-error to figure … [Read more...]

The three basics your startup should nail

Eric Winquist, Jama Software

By Eric Winquist, Jama Software CEO Every entrepreneur I’ve meet has a higher than average tolerance for risk-taking, characterized by a “willingness to take a course of action that is uncertain and to do something unproven,” in the words of Fast Company. It’s this desire to take the path less … [Read more...]

Startup tips: The advantages of using Facebook ads as a centerpiece of your growth strategy

Scott Brandt, SurePayroll2

By Scott Brandt, vice president of marketing, SurePayroll One of the challenges that startups and anyone marketing a startup faces is how to expand their reach. They know how many customers they have, they have an idea of how they got those customers, and what it is about their business that … [Read more...]

Spreading your entrepreneurial wings: Expanding your startup outside the U.S.

Chris Folayan, MallForAfrica2

By Chris Folayan, founder and CEO, MallForAfrica Doing business internationally is almost essential to obtain a larger market, so if you want to see significant growth in your business, looking internationally is certainly the way to go. In order to successfully expand your business into other … [Read more...]

Startups shouldn’t waste time creating a market need

Dan Parsons, Ora Interactive2

By Dan Parsons, Ora Interactive CEO and DRYV co-founder When entrepreneurs are generating ideas, they often are in such a creative frame of mind that they feel the need to create not only a brand new product or service, but a new need within the market. They want to create something uniquely … [Read more...]