Million dollar PR on a dime

Big brands spend millions each year on managing their presence in the media through public relations. For small startups, that expense is simply and sadly out of reach. But that doesn't mean you can't launch into the press spotlight. And you should! Like no other form of marketing, editorial media coverage gives companies an implied third party endorsement that can drive … [Read more...]

Strategizing for success: Keys for planning annual sales and marketing goals

Each first quarter amid the fresh New Year, it’s prudent to prepare a profitability plan for the coming months, especially with respect to your sales and marketing endeavors. Doing so can give you a notable competitive edge, particularly given the extraordinary number of professionals that don’t bother producing this strategic tool. But, whether developed at the start of the … [Read more...]

Starting a business? Start with a mentor

By ANDY ROE, SUREPAYROLL GENERAL MANAGER Mentors have a storied history in the business world. Some of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs have benefited from the help of a wise advisor. Mark Zuckerberg had Marc Andreessen; Warren Buffett had Benjamin Graham; Steve Jobs had Robert Friedland; Marissa Meyer had Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Many of us have been … [Read more...]

Building a startup within a large company

By ADEBAYO ONIGBANJO, ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES When people think of startups, they imagine a small group of people innovating and building something new in a garage. They have an idea and try to build a company around that idea, relying on every possible resource at their disposal. Some of these startups get to be successful and become billion dollar companies. However, how do … [Read more...]

Hiring: How much time off should you give new employees?

By Andy Roe, SurePayroll general manager Hiring your first employee or set of employees is an exciting time. It means your business is growing and you’re no longer just your own boss. You’re responsible for the productivity, development, and to a certain extent, the well being of the people you bring on board. While you’re hiring people to solve problems for your … [Read more...]

How do you impact startup culture, remotely?

By Ramon Nuñez, LiveHive founder and CEO Startups are vibrant and exciting places where a single individual can have a dramatic impact on the company—including its culture. Moreover, a strong culture is as vital to startup success as its products or services. A strong culture attracts and retains top talent, nurtures customers, and keeps employees motivated and … [Read more...]

Case Study: Three keys to bootstrapping successfully

By Julia Zhen, Zenni Optical COO Each year, venture capital firms in the U.S. invest tens-of-billions of dollars in promising tech sector companies, identifying startups with high growth potential, and infusing capital to underwrite product development, marketing, and production capabilities. But what about the promising companies that don’t receive venture capital funding? … [Read more...]

Resolve to kickstart that dream startup in 2015? Some tips for making it a success

By Taffy Williams, president and CEO, Colonial Technology Development Company The new year is a time when many adopt resolutions meant to make their year more successful. Some people decide to lose weight, others choose to break a bad habit and others may wish to make a dream come true. This is a time when entrepreneurs can use a new year resolution to create that dream … [Read more...]

Five reasons why most new startups won’t make it in 2015

By Julian Bolster Most new businesses fail within the first 18 months and it’s no different for startups, unfortunately. The following five reasons are usually the most prominent reasons for this. Fear not, there are several meaningful ways to navigate the potholes along the way and manage the process on the road to success. Startups and their leaders don’t know how to … [Read more...]

Building a successful startup: Embracing the right approach for success means understanding unique challenges

By Ramon Nuñez, LiveHive co-founder and CEO Managing a startup versus managing a larger, more established company requires a different approach. To avoid common pitfalls and successfully grow their business, startups must understand the biggest differences and unique challenges. Key among them are: STARTUPS CAN INNOVATE MORE QUICKLY BUT MUST SCALE AT A FASTER … [Read more...]