Case Study: Three keys to bootstrapping successfully

Zenni Optical logo

By Julia Zhen, Zenni Optical COO Each year, venture capital firms in the U.S. invest tens-of-billions of dollars in promising tech sector companies, identifying startups with high growth potential, and infusing capital to underwrite product development, marketing, and production capabilities. But … [Read more...]

Resolve to kickstart that dream startup in 2015? Some tips for making it a success

Taffy Williams

By Taffy Williams, president and CEO, Colonial Technology Development Company The new year is a time when many adopt resolutions meant to make their year more successful. Some people decide to lose weight, others choose to break a bad habit and others may wish to make a dream come true. This is a … [Read more...]

Five reasons why most new startups won’t make it in 2015

Julian Bolster

By Julian Bolster Most new businesses fail within the first 18 months and it’s no different for startups, unfortunately. The following five reasons are usually the most prominent reasons for this. Fear not, there are several meaningful ways to navigate the potholes along the way and manage the … [Read more...]

Building a successful startup: Embracing the right approach for success means understanding unique challenges

Ramon Nunez, LiveHive2

By Ramon Nuñez, LiveHive co-founder and CEO Managing a startup versus managing a larger, more established company requires a different approach. To avoid common pitfalls and successfully grow their business, startups must understand the biggest differences and unique challenges. Key among them … [Read more...]

An unsexy but important topic for growing startups: Getting payroll taxes right

Andy Roe, SurePayroll

By Andy Roe, SurePayroll general manager As you start a new business, the calculations surrounding payroll taxes may not be the first thing on your mind. You’re more likely thinking about bringing in new clients, promoting your services and developing your business plan. However, you are … [Read more...]

Risk management for startup founders

Torsten Kolind, YouNoodle

By Torsten Kolind, YouNoodle co-founder and CEO Starting a company is rarely a ‘safe’ choice, but can be amazing when done thoughtfully and strategically. Although founders tend to have a certain affinity for risk-taking, even the most hard-nosed entrepreneurs are occasionally overwhelmed by the … [Read more...]

Six rules of the startup CTO playbook

Jinesh Parekh, Idyllic

By Jinesh Parekh, Idyllic Software CEO What is it like being the CTO of a startup? Titles mean zilch in the startup frame of things. You know it’s true. Sometimes roles get so mixed up it’s difficult to figure out what anyone is expected to do. A startup CTO is a large company’s CTO, CIO, and VP … [Read more...]

Finding the sweet spot in pricing startup products and services


By Melissa Gelfand, SurePayroll Let’s face it. You started a business for a variety of reasons, and one reason was inevitably to make money. Depending on your business model, pricing products and services may be more-or-less difficult. Initially, you may look at the costs of goods sold, your … [Read more...]

Sales and marketing funnel best practices: Tech startup perspective

Gregory Gretsch, Sigmawest

By Greg Gretsch, Sigma West managing director At a recent summit hosted by Sigma West, sales and marketing leaders met to share best practices for startup technology companies. The discussion focused on how having a cloud or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-like delivery model broadened the universe … [Read more...]

Why be ‘lean’ when you could run a ‘fat’ startup?

Sagi Bakshi, ironSource

By Sagi Bakshi, GM of installCore at ironSource From diets to startup advice, everyone is promoting the idea of ‘lean.’ But being told to create a lean startup was one of the first (of many) rules we ignored when we established ironSource. Instead of concentrating on one product for a sustained … [Read more...]