Featured Startup Pitch: SHARPND – On demand tailoring, alterations, and custom clothing for men

COMPANY: SHARPND ELEVATOR PITCH An on-demand men's tailoring service in New York. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION SHARPND combines the convenience of a professional fitter coming to your home, office, or hotel, taking your measurements and consulting with you about your wardrobe, reviewing your tailoring order, and delivering first-class alterations and made-to-measure … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: PhoSho – Bringing hashtags to life

COMPANY: PhoSho ELEVATOR PITCH Do friendship differently. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION PhoSho lets you share themed moments with a group of friends. Have even more fun with AutoTake! Turn it on and your friends will have only five seconds before a picture automatically takes from their camera and post for all to see. It’s like surprising, or catching your friends … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Blackartel – An alternative e-commerce site for men’s fashion

COMPANY: Blackartel ELEVATOR PITCH The independent and alternative e-commerce menswear platform, created to help young, fashion-conscious men discover unique clothing brands from all over the world. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION We put the spotlight on talented yet underexposed clothing designers. It seeks to break down the traditional power structures in … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Concord – E-signature and contract management for businesses of all types and sizes

COMPANY: Concord ELEVATOR PITCH Free and unlimited e-signature, collaboration, and contract management. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Concord is a free cloud-based contract lifecycle management solution that’s changing the way the world is creating, negotiating, signing and managing contracts. We provide unlimited e-signatures and unlimited contract storage for an … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: PetPlate – A homemade food subscription service for pets

COMPANY: PetPlate ELEVATOR PITCH Homemade pet food subscription service—Blue Apron for pets. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION PetPlate is a homemade pet food subscription service that brings freshly made meals with premium ingredients to health conscious pet owners. All of PetPlates’ meals are made with ingredients you'd eat yourself, with fresh meats, vegetables, and … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Collectorism – A network that connects collectors of all kinds around the globe

COMPANY: Collectorism ELEVATOR PITCH A global network providing a platform for collectors to showcase and exchange their items. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Collecting is important. It preserves our culture. Without collecting there wouldn’t be libraries or museums. Our basic idea was that everyone is a collector. Whether it is pebbles or paintings—doesn’t matter. … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: AnswerDash – Turning online customer service on its head

  COMPANY: AnswerDash ELEVATOR PITCH Answers in click-speed. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION For companies with an online presence who have high customer support costs, AnswerDash offers “answers in a click” that will reduce up to 50 percent of assisted service support inquiries. AnswerDash improves the customer experience of websites and web applications by … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: LUMA ACTIVE – Lighting headgear for outdoor athletes

COMPANY: LUMA ACTIVE ELEVATOR PITCH The world's first ever lighting headgear for outdoor sports. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Do you love being outdoors, going for a run, walking your dog, hiking in the mountains or just having a relaxing stroll in the evening or early morning? As soon as you leave well-lit areas you need a light source that illuminates your way and … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: HappAppily – Sales contacts made more personal and accessible

COMPANY: HappAppily ELEVATOR PITCH Salesforce in reverse: On-demand customer access to up-to-date personal sales and service contacts. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION HappAppily is a widget that businesses can embed into their website in place of the contact form. It is a simple iframe widget optimized for both mobile and desktop, and it’s completely free. The cloud … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: My Beauty Matches – Personalized matches and competitive prices on beauty products

COMPANY: My Beauty Matches ELEVATOR PITCH My Beauty Matches is an innovative solution which makes one of the biggest industries in the world—the beauty industry—more accessible to its target consumer. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION A one-stop personalized product-matching site, My Beauty Matches simplifies the beauty shopping process, completely removing the … [Read more...]