Featured Startup Pitch: ExactDrive wants to make online media buying a turnkey proposition for small- and mid-size ad agencies


By TIM NICHOLS, EXACTDRIVE CO-FOUNDER ELEVATOR PITCH ExactDrive designed and developed its media buying platform to provide small- to mid-size ad agencies (and independent resellers too) with a media buying platform that provides a turnkey solution to plan, manage, traffic, analyze, report and optimize digital display campaigns for their clients. PRODUCT/SERVICE … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Born out of the maker movement, LumiLabs wants to improve indoor lighting


By CHRISTOPHER SMOLINSKI, LUMILABS CO-FOUNDER ELEVATOR PITCH LumiLabs creates vibrant illuminated works for style and for wellness. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION LumiLabs is very much a lighting laboratory. We currently offer uplighting services for wedding and special events in addition to our original product, Lumious. Lumious brings the sun indoors by placing a … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Opportunity Network’s curated network connects potential business partners across the globe, anonymously

ON Logo

By BRIAN PALLAS, OPPORTUNITY NETWORK FOUNDER AND CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Opportunity Network is an online membership network that helps companies grow and succeed by finding trustworthy business partners across the globe. We anonymously connect the senior executives of businesses, high net worth individuals, and family offices from all over the world to valuable growth … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Worksfire – Get more done today, together

Worksfire facebook

COMPANY: Worksfire ELEVATOR PITCH Get more done today. Together. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Worksfire combines project management, social collaboration, digital documents and business listings in one easy-to-use system. Connecting tasks, projects, documents, and people, Worksfire allows you to work better together to accomplish more, and will help you every step of … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: SketchBox – Monthly subscription box for art and art supplies

Sketchbox box

COMPANY: SketchBox ELEVATOR PITCH Monthly subscription box for art and art supplies. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION SketchBox was created with the intention of empowering more artists to do what they love—make art! Every month, we deliver five-to-six premium art supplies right to your doorstep along with a unique piece of art to inspire you. What would you make if art … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Wyldfire is a dating app where women are the gatekeepers

Wyldfire screen568x568

By BRIAN FREEMAN, WYLDFIRE CO-FOUNDER AND CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Wyldfire is the original mobile dating platform with ladies as the gatekeepers in its tribe of singles. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION In summer of 2013, my co-founder Andy White and I were both recently out of long-term relationships and were using online dating products for the first time. After a … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: duet.to – Dropbox-powered web hosting

Duetto screenshot

COMPANY: duet.to ELEVATOR PITCH: Hassle free Dropbox-powered web hosting. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Dropbox has done an amazing job building a product that everyone knows and everyone uses and everyone loves. We all use Dropbox to store and share documents, designs, and all different kinds of files, so why not websites? Duet.to adds a layer on top of Dropbox … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Influenster – Social product discovery, reviews, and rewards

Influenster screenshot

COMPANY: Influenster ELEVATOR PITCH: Product discovery. Reviews. Rewards. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Influenster is the ultimate hub for product discovery. Influenster is a product discovery platform that encourages social activity about products, guides consumers on how to use products, and informs about what’s new and noteworthy. We help brands amplify … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: AmbyGear is a smartwatch designed to educate and keep kids safe

AmbyGear 1

By PATRICK MUGGLER, AMBIT NETWORKS/AMBYGEAR FOUNDER AND CEO ELEVATOR PITCH The AmbyGear smartwatch is the world’s first smartwatch designed for kids that teaches life lessons while keeping them safe. The smartwatch features built-in GPS, text messaging, and boundary alerts to keep children independent and safe in public, while giving parents peace of mind. Every day, over … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Reportory has created a curated news service targeted at consumers making the switch from print to digital

Reportory screenshot

By TRACY CLARK, REPORTORY FOUNDER AND CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Reportory lets you pick which news sources you read, sections you enjoy and keywords you want to track. Each day you will then receive your customized news, only from those sources, topics, and keywords—no two news digests are alike. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION So much news is irrelevant to many, yet still … [Read more...]