Lightning Pitch: Sober – Tinder for sober people


COMPANY: Sober ELEVATOR PITCH Tinder for sober people. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Sober is a fun way to connect with other sober people around you! Swipe right to “like” or swipe “left” to pass anonymously. If someone likes you back, you’re a match! If you come across someone you know, don’t be shy, send them a friend request. Chat with friends and matches, or … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Betateam – Expert feedback for startups

Betateam screenshot

COMPANY: Betateam ELEVATOR PITCH Expert feedback for startups. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Betateam saves startups time by providing them with feedback from experts in the areas of conversion rate optimization, growth and funding. The majority of proceeds are kept as a fund which invests in promising client companies and our experts are granted equity in the fund … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: iShuu Tech has released a ‘smart shoe’ aimed at high-tech fashionistas

iShuu screenshot

By WALLEN MPHEPO, ISHUU TECH CO-FOUNDER ELEVATOR PITCH Lithuania-based iShuu Tech was founded in 2014. Our first release, Volvorii Timeless smart shoe are fashionable high-heel shoes with embedded changeable e-ink panels, controllable by Bluetooth using the iShuu phone app. E-ink wearables thus far have been predominantly a wrist worn tech affair with added words to … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: CloudStatus – Monitoring cloud infrastructure

CloudStatus screenshot

COMPANY: CloudStatus ELEVATOR PITCH Monitoring cloud infrastructure. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION We provide alerting when there are issues on the cloud. We monitor Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, and Google Cloud, if there is a service interruption we provide alerts so you can know what might affect your service or product. FOUNDER James Kenny, CTO … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: taskblitz – Task management on steroids


COMPANY: taskblitz ELEVATOR PITCH Task management on steroids for businesses. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Taskblitz is a simple solution empowering people to plan, organize and control their business processes. Taskblitz has been built for people that need more than a simple to-do list application, and are sick of using old fashioned form-based business applications … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: PivotDesk – Office space that grows as you grow

PivotDesk screenshot

COMPANY: PivotDesk ELEVATOR PITCH Flexible office space that grows as you grow. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Businesses are dynamic. Real estate isn’t. PivotDesk enables businesses to grow fluidly within the static real estate infrastructure by connecting companies with excess space to companies that need it. Flexible agreements eliminate the risk of a long-term … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: DRAFT – Crowdsourced investment analysis

Draft phones

COMPANY: DRAFT ELEVATOR PITCH Crowdsourced investment analysis. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION DRAFT is a crowdsourced investment analysis tool that changes the way people view, think and act when it comes to their long-term investment strategy. DRAFT connects directly to a user’s various bank and investment accounts to show them how the performance, asset allocation, … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Prototype1’s focus is on helping clients build ‘evidence-based’ software products

Prototype1 media2

By DAVID HURT, PROTOTYPE1 CO-FOUNDER ELEVATOR PITCH We believe the software development process starts well before code is written. We work with clients to understand end user needs and behaviors, build and test prototypes, and deliver development ready UX/UI platforms and fully developed products. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Prototype1 is a custom software … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Phontabulous offers a mobile social photo app focused on private, secure sharing

Phontabulous phones

By RAHUL CHABUKSWAR, PHONTABULOUS FOUNDER AND CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Simple, private and fun photo sharing. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Phontabulous is a simple, private, and fun photo sharing app for Apple and Android devices that enables you to share memories privately. Select photos and friends to begin the private sharing party, and keep the annoying people … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Traklight – Spot legal issues and business risks for free

Traklight screenshot1

COMPANY: Traklight ELEVATOR PITCH Spot legal issues and business risks for free. Share files securely via free Basic Vault. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Traklight offers free versions of the paid SaaS products ID your IP and IP Vault, known as the free Business Risk Assessment and Basic Vault, respectively. The main difference between ID your IP and the Business Risk … [Read more...]