Travel and Event Planning App GROTU announces US Patent Granted

By Editor March 10, 2020

GROTU, an app that helps groups plan events and trips, has had its US patent granted. Confirmed on August 27, 2019, the patent is titled ‘Mobile and Computer Applications, Systems and Methods for Large Group Travel and Event Management’. 

Inventor of GROTU, Sunmeet Jolly has since filed international patents for the app.

The event-planning and group collaboration app simplifies how people prepare for group travel and events by streamlining all functionality on a cloud-based platform, providing an easy, more complete way to organize group getaways. 

In the age of technology, social media, smartphones, and instant messaging have brought people closer together. Planning an activity with a number of people no longer requires messaging each individual to coordinate plans. Instead, group chats are one of the most common ways to communicate for an upcoming event. 

However, information can easily be lost in extensive group chats or people can miss important messages in the fast-flowing stream of notifications. Not to mention, separate spreadsheets and documents for trip-planning are often linked on chat, but are not optimized for mobile browsers. 

GROTU combines all aspects of group planning in one, easy-to-navigate and easy-to-share space. Users can create customizable surveys, potluck invites, event RSVPs, split group expenses, shared photo albums, and in-app chats. Everything to organize a vacation, day trip, evening event, or simple get-together, is offered in GROTU. 

Jolly, who is also the founder and CEO of 101 Islands LLC (the parent company behind GROTU), has personally used the app in 11 countries and counting. Speaking about the future of the app post-patent approval, Jolly said “Our long-term vision for GROTU is to build a comprehensive suite of integrated tools for private group interactions between friends, family, colleagues, classmates, and more.

We know from talking to consumers how difficult it is to plan group trips and events. By making the process easier, GROTU allows users a better experience, every time, with less time and hassle.” 

In the future product roadmap, there are equally plans for GROTU to adopt AI and machine learning functionalities to assist users even more effectively. Predictive analytics, natural language processing, and automated features are similarly set to be implemented.   

GROTU is available to download for free from both the Apple and Google Play (Android) stores. 

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