Lightning Pitch: FHMatch – Connecting fitness, health and wellness professionals with clients

FHMatch screen1

COMPANY: FHMatch ELEVATOR PITCH Connecting fitness, health and wellness professionals with clients. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION What is FHMatch? Well we’re not a dating website, but we will help you find a fitness, health or wellness professional in your area. Chat, book an appointment and review professionals all on Just search, select and connect to … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Fabrik – Portfolio websites, powered by clever tech and you

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COMPANY: Fabrik ELEVATOR PITCH Beautiful portfolio websites, powered by clever tech and you. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Fabrik’s mission is very simple—to create the best, cheapest portfolio platform for creatives. We help creatives (both fresh and experienced) find a way to get their work out to the world and get noticed—providing a solid foundation on which to … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Textr – Social media app for groups

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COMPANY: Textr ELEVATOR PITCH Social media app for group messages. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Textr lets you follow and friend people, create and join groups that appear on your homepage, and all groups are deleted 24 hours after the last message is sent. Welcome to the modern messaging app. If you are a freshman at your dorm, simply create a group, tag your … [Read more...]

With $1M-plus in funding in the bank, Arthena brings crowdfunding to the fine art investment world


A Q&A with Arthena founder and CEO Madelaine D’Angelo. The New York City-based startup was founded in 2014 and recently announced that it has raised more than $1 million in total Seed funding. Investors include Beamonte Investments, Foundation Capital, Aslanoba Capital, C15 Ventures and 2020 Ventures. The company, which is a graduate of the AngelPad accelerator’s Spring … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Risefy – Marketing and creative services on demand

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COMPANY: Risefy ELEVATOR PITCH Marketing and creative services on demand. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Risefy connects business leaders with the right agencies and consultants for their next marketing, advertising, and creative efforts. Businesses can sign up for free, post a project to the marketplace, and choose a quote that fits their needs. Selection and … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Bablic – Website translation with one line of code

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COMPANY: Bablic ELEVATOR PITCH Translate your website with one line of code. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Bablic is a unique website localization solution that makes translating websites an easy, quick and cost-effective process. Bablic helps small businesses translate their websites so they can enter new markets without breaking the bank. Simply enter your URL on … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: MUrgency – Global emergency response network

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COMPANY: MUrgency ELEVATOR PITCH One global emergency response network. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION MUrgency is a cloud platform and mobile application which connects individuals who need emergency response with their trusted network, other MUrgency app users, or credentialed medical, safety, rescue, and assistance professionals as the situation requires in … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: ROCeteer – Industry executives who will coach you to success


  COMPANY: ROCeteer ELEVATOR PITCH Industry executives who will coach you to success. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION ROCeteer, Inc. is a privately funded company based in the United States. ROCeteer offers coaching, mentoring and training support to entrepreneurial ecosystems. The C-Suite executive team provides decades of experience in operations, strategy, … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: STAMP – Import Spotify and Rdio songs to Apple Music

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COMPANY: STAMP ELEVATOR PITCH Import Spotify and Rdio songs to Apple Music easily! PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION STAMP converts your Spotify or Rdio tracks to Apple Music. It can import from playlists, "my songs" or you can import music using an Excel file. HEADQUARTERS: Berlin WEBSITE: YEAR … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Blobeo – Connecting knowledge and desire

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COMPANY: Blobeo ELEVATOR PITCH Connecting knowledge and desire. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Blobeo - The eLearning marketplace. Blobeo is a marketplace for learners to connect with instructors who offer interactive live online courses. This is a platform to learn from a verified industry expert. No matter your age or profession, Blobeo provides a powerful … [Read more...]