Video Pitch: Scabrou

"Find restaurant products, services, dealers and more." Website: Year Founded: 2016 … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: Interview Mocha

"Choose from over 1,000-plus skill tests." Website: Year Founded: 2012 … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: FunCaptcha HEADQUARTERS: Brisbane, Australia and Los Angeles WEBSITE: COMPANY: SwipeAds YEAR FOUNDED: 2013 TWITTER: @FunCaptcha FACEBOOK: … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Sesame – Your own personal Cognitive Messenger

COMPANY: SesameELEVATOR PITCHA self-aware, digital assistant that protects your messages.PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTIONSesame is a messaging app that gives you a self-aware digital assistant to protect messages on your behalf: your own Personal Cognitive Messenger.Your Cognitive Messenger delivers, monitors, and independently audits your messages according to … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: LiquidText

LiquidText - “Comprehend more.” HEADQUARTERS: New York City WEBSITE: YEAR FOUNDED: 2012 TWITTER: @LiquidTextCorp LINKEDIN: … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: PlanHammer

“All your project management tools in one place.” Minneapolis, Minnesota WEBSITE: YEAR FOUNDED: 2014 TWITTER: @plan_hammer LINKEDIN: … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: Flare Accounting

“Grow business profit with Flare Cloud Accounting.” Campbell, California WEBSITE: YEAR FOUNDED: 2014 TWITTER: @FlareAccounting FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: NimbleNotes – Applying technology to make studying more efficient

COMPANY: NimbleNotesELEVATOR PITCHThe digital notebook that helps you study.PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTIONNimbleNotes is an online note-taking and study platform, designed to help students learn more efficiently. Our digital notebook improves the learning workflow with unrivaled search and filter capabilities, instantly generated flashcard decks, and study session … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: Sunshine

“Instant large file sharing, transfer and backup without the cloud.” San Francisco WEBSITE: YEAR FOUNDED: 2015 TWITTER: @thesunshineapp FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: Cloudo

“One place to search all your cloud apps.” Bratislava, Slovakia WEBSITE: YEAR FOUNDED: 2015 TWITTER: @cloudoapp FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: … [Read more...]