Featured Startup Pitch: The Baby Burp is a marketplace for independent baby- and mom-focused retailers that features an integrated gift registry

TheBabyBurp screenshot

By Amy Lingawi, The Baby Burp founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH The Baby Burp is an online marketplace of everything baby, toddler and mommy. It is unlike any other baby-related marketplaces that are found on the web that focus on used or gently-used baby items. The Baby Burp has new, handmade, … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: SEWORKS is on a mission to help developers identify and fix real vulnerabilities in mobile apps

Min Pyo Hong, SEWORKS

By Min-Pyo Hong, founder and CEO, SEWORKS ELEVATOR PITCH The mobile app client is often the weakest link targeted by hackers, yet a majority of security solutions focus exclusively on protecting the device or the server data. SEWORKS provides layered, comprehensive security for mobile … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Lithuanian startup BatCrab wants to make mobile devices around the world into full-feature business phone systems

BatCrab screenshot1

By Edvinas Mancas, BatCrab co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH BatCrab turns any cell phone into a fully-featured business phone system in 60 countries, allowing SMBs to manage their calls better and sound professional. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BatCrab is a tool to turn any cell phone into a … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Bubblews is a social network built on the principle that its users should be compensated for their activity

Bubblews Screenshot- Homepage 2

By Jason Zuccari and Arvind Dixit, Bubblews co-founders ELEVATOR PITCH Bubblews is a social network that brings a new meaning to ‘sharing’ on social media. Unlike other social platforms, which we believe to be the largest unpaid workforces in the world, we share ad revenue with our users. … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: RAZ Mobile wants to help nonprofits go mobile and make it easier for individuals to give

RAZMobile portal_setup1

By Dale Knoop, RAZ Mobile founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH RAZ Mobile seeks to disrupt the philanthropy space first by delivering an iTunes model for nonprofits. With credentials in the Cloud, any donor can give to any cause on RAZ Mobile in 20 seconds. Secondly, RAZ Mobile will encourage … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: By tapping into unused call center agent time, LiveAnswer offers small businesses access to live, 24/7 customer support

LiveAnswer Dashboard_Subscription_Big

By Adam Boalt, LiveAnswer founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH LiveAnswer improves small business customer service and sales by answering their phones quickly and accurately with a live person at an affordable price. LiveAnswer provides small businesses with a custom scripting tool that empowers … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: FirmPlay is out to upset the online job search paradigm by giving job seekers insight into companies’ cultural ‘DNA’

FirmPlay Profile main

By Vasilios Alexiou, FirmPlay co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH FirmPlay is a new job search platform that takes job seekers behind-the-scenes at companies through in-depth videos, photos and other rich content. The result—job seekers have a better chance to find a job and employer that’s right for … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: dough has built a mobile financial trading platform with an eye on Millenials

dough-Screen Shot

By Kristi Ross, dough co-founder and co-CEO ELEVATOR PITCH dough is a free interactive mobile app for do-it-yourself investors of all ages and stages of trading experience. dough is the first educational trading app that provides a repeatable, logical, mechanical approach to investing, while … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: With a focus on customer service, Wagepoint wants to take the pain out of payroll for small businesses


By Shrad Rao, Wagepoint co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Wagepoint is an online payroll software built just for small businesses in the USA and Canada, backed by the world’s friendliest team. Over 500 customers have chosen to trust Wagepoint with their payroll—you should, … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: ZootRock wants to bring the capabilities of a social media staff to small businesses

ZootRock screenshot

By Audrey Melnik, ZootRock co-founder and CEO Elevator Pitch: ZootRock aims to change the way small businesses present themselves on social media platforms. We can provide an affordable, personalized service using adaptive, high-powered algorithms that scour the Internet for the best content, … [Read more...]