Lightning Pitch: TrustLeaf

TrustLeaf screenshot

COMPANY: TrustLeaf PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Turning social capital into startup capital. TrustLeaf helps early-stage startup founders get funding from the people who believe in them most—their friends and family. With funding campaigns that anyone familiar with crowdfunding would understand, … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Fashion apps for women are big business—startup myDiModa looks to tap into the men’s fashion market with its outfit matching app

myDiModa screenshot1

By Terrence Carroll, myDiModa founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH myDiModa has just introduced a new men’s style app, myDiModa, which uses innovative patent-pending artificial intelligence technology to detect colors and patterns to create stylish outfits from a man’s closet (existing or new). … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Mindfulogy

Mindfulogy image

COMPANY: Mindfulogy PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Mindfulogy Zen Vibez – Self improvement you can feel. Mindfulogy, contraction of ‘mindful’ and ‘technology,’ is a young startup harnessing state-of-the-art science and tech to provide disrupting self improvement solutions. Our first product, the … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Tribecube

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COMPANY: Tribecube PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Cloud workspace for dispersed teams. Tribecube is a browser-based virtual workspace designed for dispersed teams and telecommuters, where everyone expresses their vital contribution without physically clustering together. Users can benefit from … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Online startup competition platform Startup Rounds has big ambitions to build a full-fledged accelerator based on crowdsourcing


By Paul Hammond, Startup Rounds co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Startup Rounds showcases exciting new products, where customers can discover amazing startups and influence winners. The platform aims to accelerate emerging businesses by hosting competitions and events to facilitate community. … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: eese

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COMPANY: eese PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Collaborative blogging enhanced by tastemates. eese is a collaborative blogging platform where authors create articles together—enhanced and funded by a crowd of people. The best collaborations on each article are voted for and rise to the top. We want … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Kibako

Kibako screenshot2

COMPANY: Kibako PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: A better way to share files. Kibako is a free Mac app that makes it quick and easy to share files between family, friends and co-workers. Sharing couldn’t be simpler. Use the keyboard shortcut, drag the file to Kibako or automatically upload your … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Jobote

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COMPANY: Jobote PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Referral hiring that works. Jobote is a referral hiring tool which helps companies leverage social networks to hire trusted talent. With Jobote, employees generate trackable referral links to open job positions in their company. Each referral link … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Neon Nettle

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COMPANY: Neon Nettle PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Independent online media source. Independent media is growing! In fact, it’s growing so quickly more-and-more young people are asking questions about the official story and the mainstream narrative—this is where Neon Nettle comes in. We are a fast … [Read more...]

Lightning Pitch: Simplifyd


COMPANY: Simplifyd PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Running your business, ‘simplifyd.’ We support individuals and small teams to better manage their communications, their finances and the relationships that matter most to their business. From one platform our users can see their latest … [Read more...]